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Antioxidants What Do They Do ?

Diana W. Wright, PhD, RD
January 31, 2009

In simple (skillet) terms, antioxidants prevent oxidation. When something is oxidized, it is damaged or destroyed, such as what happens when an oxidized iron hinge fails on a gate (a process commonly known as rusting!).  Exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays, the pollutants from cigarette smoke and even saturated fat from your diet promote oxidative damage which often rears its ugly head in serious lesions to the skin, lungs, and arteries (as in cardiovascular disease)!

So, what’s a body to do?   It is lucky for humans that mechanisms exist to help control 
oxidative damage.  These special agents are called antioxidants.  Smile, there is more good news!  Antioxidants come from our food,replicas relojes particularly whole, fresh foods that are minimally processed. So put those pricey, super-duper-antioxidant supplement pills back on the shelf and head on over to the fresh fruit and veggie isle!

Here is your target: make your fruit and veggie goal 5+ servings a day; add in some whole grains and nuts when you can and you are off to a great start.  A sample day might include an orange with some whole grain cereal in the morning or for a breakfast on the go, wake up to a low fat berry mango smoothie with some added flaxseed. Midday, load up your sandwich with a hefty serving of dark, leafy lettuce,replique montre tomato and other produce, and satisfy you sweet tooth with a garnet yam, a handful of walnuts, or some red grapes for your afternoon snack.

Remember you can count on the most antioxidants per bite when you consume plenty of intensely colored fruits and vegetables and keep nuts, seeds and whole grains on your daily menu. A few foods from the Antioxidant ‘A list’ include broccoli and blueberries, carrots and
 cilantro, garlic and greens to name a few.

In the perfect world we would all be able to pluck these delectable treats straight from our backyard garden.  However, if the responsibilities of life make this unlikely, keep in mind that farmer’s markets and your supermarket sell a delicious assortment of antioxidant rich foods. Bon Appetit!

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